Autism Club, Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram Kollam Alapuzha Ernakulam
Malapuram Kozhikode Wayanad

Autism is not an illness. 

Autism is just a condition of brain where neuron connections are different. The connections to some centres of brain are more while towards some centres are less. Those areas with more connections become high functional and those with less connections function poorly. These is the main cause of the different behaviors in autistic children.

There is no medicine that can cure autism.

As autism is not a disease, it has no medicine for cure. Understanding autism properly and managing the sensory issues of the child is the only remedy. Parents should be able to differentiate the sensory need and behaviour issues of the child. Behaviour issues should never be encouraged. Attention seeking behaviours should be ignored.

Parent is the best therapist.

Parents spend maximum time with their child and so they know them best. Lots of therapy centres are blooming, but do remember, the best therapist is the parent itself. Parents should accompany the child in all the therapies given and understand it. Home based therapies should be given on daily basis for the proper results.