Individualized Volunteer Program

Autism club do believe in the good hearts of the society. Support from society is necessary not only to our children but every living being.

We are starting a "Individualized Volunteer Program" where the public gets the opportunity to support us. 

The list of activities on which volunteers can support us is listed below:-


1. Visiting special schools/schools/public places distributing our brochures/flyers to spread autism awareness

2. Distributing "Autism Voice" to schools/ anganavadis/autism related institutions and collecting maximum subscribers

3. Finding advertisements and sponsors for Autism Voice

4. Find good articles for Autism Voice

5. Spreading the activities of Autism Club and the Autism Voice e-magazine through social media like Facebook, Whatsapp groups etc. Send us articles relevant to autism for sharing to FB page

6. Help in posting hard copy of the Autism Voice magazine

6. Find and collect address of families with autistic children

7. Collect details on government orders and rights for children with autism

8. Collect information regarding various schools/institutions which train/employ autistic children

9. Sending e-greetings to Autism Club children on their special occasions like birthdays, special achievements.

10. Organize the events/picnic by Autism Club

11. Teaching music/art/craft/cooking to children with autism. They can either arrange a common place for it or visit each child's home

12.  Be a chat or email friend.

13.  Help organise a talk in any school or college

14.  Write autism friendly articles in other magazines/publications

15. Search and find useful gadgets/sensory toys for autistic kids in the market. Find how we can get as bulk in less price etc.

16. Prepare/find worksheets, teaching aids , pictures from net, social stories for our children

17. Support the young writers by reading their books, blogs, columns and send them comments and guide them

18. Help in giving news on Autism events in Newspapers/ media

19. Help in teaching our children directly like NIOS students or software like Photoshop

20. Design poster, brochure, flyers related to Autism Club work.

21. Maintain our website with proper updates and information

22. Maintaining a database (excel) of data like members, subscribers, special schools etc

23. Searching and finding autism related events taking place in various places in India.

24. Help in exhibiting/selling books and other products from our children

25. Taking care of our children during emergencies like when the parent goes to a doctor.

26. Make small videos spreading autism awareness and upload to YouTube.

27. Finding sponsors/ CSR funds for Autism Club activities.

 Interested persons can download the volunteer form below and send to

  Volunteer Form

Autism Club Kerala,
Dec 9, 2017, 2:24 AM