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Vocational training

Government firms

There are 2 centres run by the government for the vocational training of special kids - one in Thiruvananthapuram and another in Kozhikode.
These centres work on pre-recruitment training, arranging contract work, rehabilitation camps, assistance in self-employment, and recommendation for non-government jobs.

Private firms

Enable India

Enable India is a firm in Bangalore that gives vocational training for children with autism. They have trained and given job to many children to various firms including SAP labs. The type of training that Enable India provides can be availed from Dr. Reddy's foundation and some schools like Raksha in Kochi.

Dr. Reddy's foundation

Dr. Reddy's foundation has three centres in Kerala - Ernakulam, Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode. They give 2 months pre- employment training for differently enabled children, which include soft skill development, basic computer training and communicative English. The organization arrange interview with established private firms.

Other than these, major special schools are giving various kinds of vocational training to children with autism.