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Autism society is blessed with many writers who express their thoughts through poems, articles or stories. Listing a few below:-

"Ente kochu kavithakal"

Jithin Jayakumar, son of Jayakumar and Dr. Preetha , is a wonderful poet. His poems are small, but full of deep meaning.
Check his blog at http://jithinthepoet.blogspot.in/

"Ente nalla chinthakal"

Chandrashekar writes about all the slightest emotions of not only human beings but every birds and animals too.
Check his blog at http://chandrashekard.blogspot.in/

Dazzles of Autism

Creations of our kids are collected and displayed in a Flikr album - "Dazzles of Autism"
Check this album at https://flic.kr/s/aHskDYKaJF


Chandrakant is a 11 year old boy, son of Sunil and Shiji, is a mind hacker. He is non verbal, but can write almost all the languages in the world and also he writes about astrophysics and extra terrestrials. He has written two books.

Sherin Mary Zacharia

Sherin is just a super girl! She has little speech, but good knowledge in some areas. She has published three books and is very active in her website "Musings of Sherin" :- http://www.musingsofsher.in She is 14 years old, now lives in Ernakulam with her parents Zacharia and Sangeetha and younger sister Shreya. Her books are "Mazhavillu", "Ente manassile chinthakal" and Snehasammanam".


Niranjan is an 11 year boy of big thoughts, from Ernakulam. His parents are Jaykumar and Bindu. He started writing from the age of five and wishes to be a scientist in his future. His has written a book - "Hridayapoorvam", which is a must read for all parents.


Neerada, a 14 year old girl, born to Saseendran and Mini lives in Kozhikode. She has written two books – “Tender Tweets” and “Dew Drops”. Apart from linguistic skills, Neerada is good at science subjects as well. She believes that her knowledge is divine and God is her teacher.