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Awareness Campaigns

Autism club knows that the first and the foremost step to be taken is to spread the awareness about autism in the society. We do believe in the powers of society. We believe that if give proper information, society will accept children with autism wholeheartedly.

In every small steps of life, our children need the support of society. At times, parents are facing difficult time from the society, these are just because the people do not know autism in its correct form. Once the society know about the goodness in them, their special talents, they will definitely love and respect the children with autism. For spreading awareness the club has organized various programs including training teachers, care takers, grandparents etc.

We also believe that the best method for spreading autism awareness is taking the child with autism to as many public places as possible.Let the society mingle with them and understand them.It is the duty of each parent of autistic child to talk about autism to maximum number of people.

Autism Sunday

Autism Sunday is the second Sunday of February, which is celebrated as the International day of prayer for the people with autism. As part of this, we are distributing fliers with proper information on autism.