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Marriage assistance

As soon as a child with differently ability is born in a family, the family assumes that he will not have a married live and children. Well, there are exceptions for this. But history has shown many evidences that these children can lead a very successful married life and have children. Autism club has come forwards and arranged marriage for several autistics and proudly we announce that they are living in good harmony. 

Why marriage is important?

1. The most frightening question before each parent is "after us who is look after my child?". Though there are lot f rehabilitation centres, the best answer to this question is "marriage". We have read in the news that people with autism do have children and they take care of them very nicely. Let the final days of autistic people be safe in the hands of their children itself. 

2. India in a country where marriage is considered very sacred and pure. As every human being, autistic people do have their biological urge. We need to provide all support for it.