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Parental Training

Through Experts

Autism club was initiated by Dr. C P Aboobacker, who strives day and night for the empowerment of parents and children with autism. He explains in a very vivid and simple way, the reality of autism through his 10 days workshop. It is a fact that parents at times go depressed and deviate from their ultimate aim. They need "mind charging" classed to get back their momentum. For this autism club conducts small, refreshing workshops too. We also conduct training programs through experts in various fields like brain gym, yoga, special educators etc.

Many such classes were taken by Dr C P Aboobacker, in various districts of Kerala.

Dr C P Abobacker took 10 days class for parents/ professionals/ interested people at Chavara Special School, Koonammavu, Ernakulam from July 16th, 2016. The reality of autism and the various strategies to manage the children with autism were explained in these classes.

Seminar on autism and dyslexia

Autism Club, Ernakulam is conducted a 5 days seminar on autism and dyslexia lead by Dr. C. P Aboobacker. The seminar was inaugurated by Deputy Mayor Smt B Bhadra on Dec 1st, 2014.At this event the book entitled "222 tips for embracing autism" by Deepthi Biju was launched by Dr. C. P Aboobacker by handing over the first copy to Smt B. Bhadra. A beautiful painting by our little artist, Antony Eby Biju, was presented to Smt B. Bhadra.

Through parents

We all know that experience is the best teacher and being a mother of a special kid brings out rare and wonderful experiences. Often we find that tips from parents can do wonders. They show magical results than any advice from a doctor or a therapist. Considering this, parents get together and share their experience on solving issues in autism. During these meetings they share the updated news and information’s they get related to autism. Mothers are the active members of these gatherings and they really build an "autism family" where only unconditional love and care exists. We have consolidated those precious tips and published as a book "222 tips for embracing autism". Other than this, parents try to attend training/workshops that are nearby and share the information to others who could not attend them. Often when the training fee is high or in distant place, this method goes effective. We understand the power of sharing knowledge and standing united.

Through Newsletters

Autism club publishes every three months, a newsletter which has all the needed content for a parent of autism child. The latest information, upcoming events, government support, new projects of club, empowering articles all are included in this small newsletter. We are in the processing of publishing the hard copy in Malayalam too.